The Backfree solution has been discovered after years of intense training, self enquiry and working closely with clients who have had the misfortune of attaining dibilitating injury through accidents associated with -

- high contact sports
- workplace injury
- accidents and falls
- blunt force trauma

all of which contribute to Fascial, muscular, skeletal and physical trauma which at times seems to throw the spine out of alignment. As the human structure is the only mammal whose spine is supported directly over the legs, Darren has discovered that the majority of back discomfort that is causing pain is the result of some form of injury stemming from its special foundation. Usually it occurs as a result of a fall which can even stem from early childhood. The body can also go as far as to enable the foundation to compensate to support a broken collar bone for example thus creating an imbalance in the foundation.

Once the body experiences trauma, the area affected instantly goes into shock and seems to shut down. Motor skills are still functional, however the deep seeded trauma affects the counter balance in the structure of the body and the spinal muscles compensate. This usually shows up as unexplained pain in the back, shoulders, neck, elbows, hands, or in the lower form showing up as sciatic pain, knee and ankle issues. Some people also experience nausea, headache and migraine as a result of the imbalance.

The Backfree series of exercises enables us to address the body from a totally different, yet highly effective approach to give structural misalignment the opportunity to safely release, creating a solid foundation so as to prevent further discomfort offering long lasting pain relief. The nervous and adrenal systems which are affected by physical trauma will also be addressed within the process.

Through discovering the Backfree solution Darren has had huge success in freeing people from injuries, pain and discomfort in the body offering enhanced health and wellbeing for countless numbers of Yoga Students, Tradesmen, Doctors, Musicians and Professional Athletes with injury whilst assisting them all to successfully recover, correct and enhance their lives.
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